TC Farms

           Welcome to TC Farms

We now are offical we are part

of ARBA our registered
number is D411. We are proud
members of ARBA and AHRA 

We are a small rabbitry. With

a max of  34 holes right now.

    My daughter (Dominique) made up her mind and went  with Himalayans. They are the calmest bunnies we have. She loves them for there temperament and they will do well for her is showmanship.They come in colors black, blue chocolate and lilac. We are working on blue and black for the time being.

    My son (Dylan) has the breed english angora. English Angora is a wool breed. They are known for having a lot of wool on there face and ears. They come in wide range of color and are calm and sweet bunnies.They are the smallest of the  angora rabbits. They do need a lot of brushing so be prepared for that before you bring one into your home.

    My Youngest (Gabrielle) has her new breed it is the English spot. The are known for the spots on the side and a stripe down the back. We got one blue doe from a judge here in FL. They are not a cuddly bunny but the are neat to look at. They are not for everyone make sure you know what you are getting before you buy.

    Now for me I have 2 breeds they are English lops and soon to come Jersery woolys. English lops are the 2nd largest of the lops. Does are over 10 1/2lbs and bucks over 9 1/2lbs. They are known for there long  ears most getting over 23in from tip to tip. With 21in being min for there class. They are very sweet and make wonderful pets. We have 2 does and a buck right now. The English lops have 9 holes just for them.